Words Like Promises

Words Like Promises E Book Cover

Words Like Promises - a poetry collection

- dark millenial poetry -

This fantastic Reedsy Discovery Review called it:

"An elegant collection of poetry that is relatable, enjoyable, and worth reading."

Goodreads readers enjoyed it, too!

"Short, sharp, heartfelt."

"Very short and sweet collection of modern poetry."

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Small Things

Dew drops hanging from the branches
Golden in the morning sun.
You won’t see them if you run
On by.
The promise of a flower
ready to burst into petaled glory.
Its beauty lies in the story
Waiting to unfold.
The cat catching rays of light
The smile of a stranger in passing
We chase time, always rushing.
Don’t miss it all.


Haunting the deep woods
I long to sit on the black earth
by the river shore
and splash up the dirty water
with my bare feet.
Long to feel my roots
in this land where the shadows linger
even at the height of summer
shielding the winter cold.

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